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3 Branches of Government
Current Legislation
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Understanding U.S. Constitution
Category: News & Politics
Understanding U.S. Constitution - 5 Key Concepts Everyone Should Know - (1 of 2)
Time: 8:25 Views: 152,875
ALL 27 AMENDMENTS (in four minut
Category: Education
ALL 27 AMENDMENTS (in four minutes)
Time: 4:20 Views: 13,484
The Constitution, the Articles,
Category: Education
The Constitution, the Articles, and Federalism: Crash Course US History #8
Time: 13:04 Views: 706,889
Amendments to the United States
Category: Education
Amendments to the United States Constitution
Time: 5:57 Views: 4,942
Bill of Rights -- Hear and Read
Category: Education
Bill of Rights -- Hear and Read the 10 amendments -- U.S. Constitution
Time: 3:53 Views: 2,833
History of the United States - F
Category: Education
History of the United States - Formation of the Constitution: Framing of the Constitution
Time: 27:46 Views: 2,181
U.S. Constitution Explained
Category: News & Politics
U.S. Constitution Explained
Time: 11:50 Views: 699
NDAA and the US Constitution - P
Category: People & Blogs
NDAA and the US Constitution - Part 1: Romney & Gingrich
Time: 7:04 Views: 19,303
Preamble of the US Constitution
Category: Science & Technology
Preamble of the US Constitution EXPLAINED
Time: 7:32 Views: 746
Congress Reads the U.S. Constitu
Category: News & Politics
Congress Reads the U.S. Constitution, Amendments XI-XIII (Part 5)
Time: 5:11 Views: 1,942

Obama`s Real Kenyan Birth Certificate

Iranian, Venezuelan leaders rebuff U.S., joke about bomb

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Venezuela's Hugo Chavez lavished praise on each other on Monday, mocked U.S. disapproval and joked about having an atomic bomb at their disposal.

This article discusses 3 recent government actions which may improve transparency and accountability of government
Guns in church and weapons for the mentally ill: America quietly dilutes its gun laws

Weapons were the gift of choice for millions of Americans this Christmas, with record sales of firearms in December; but another figure perhaps escaped people's attention – 8,775 people killed in gun-related incidents.
obama`s Deportation Waivers